Birthday Songs For Instagram Stories | Trending Ig Birthday Songs

Birthday songs for Instagram stories 💥

In 2022, people prefer to put birthday stories on Instagram and to make their stories catchy, people put birthday songs. Here, we are going to share the best birthday songs for Instagram stories, that one can use on their Instagram stories and can make amazing. To find the best birthday songs for an Instagram story, we did extensive research and come up with an amazing list of birthday songs for insta stories.

List of best birthday songs for an Instagram story:

  • Happy Birthday To You(Whistle Snap) By theme Stars
  • In Da Club By 50  Cent
  • Happy Birthday Pop By Global Genius
  • HB (Melody)
  • Happy Bday By 2400 Jabez
  • HB Yaara By Himmat Sandhu
  • Bhai Ka Birthday By Sajid Khan
  • Sare Bolo Happy Birthday By Viral Dhol
  • Birthday by Sumit Goswami
  • Tera Birthday By Vicky D

Why add birthday songs to Instagram stories? 

There are a few reasons why you might want to add birthday songs to Instagram stories. Maybe you're celebrating a friend's birthday and want to make their day extra special. Or, maybe you're a musician and want to share your latest song with your followers. Whatever the reason, adding birthday songs to Instagram stories is a great way to add a personal touch to your posts. Reason can be anything but in order to make your birthday stories special you can use our birthday songs for Instagram stories.

How can a birthday song make an Instagram story special? 
If you add a birthday song to your Instagram story, it will make it more special and memorable. Your friends and followers will be able to listen to the song and see the special message you wrote for them. If you want to make your Instagram story special then you can use our birthday songs for Instagram stories.

Can I get more views if I use birthday songs in a story?
Actually, there is no relevance between more views and birthday songs. Still, you can use trending birthday songs and can tag the birthday boy, so he will mention you in his sorry and you can get more story views.