Tips To Get More likes On Instagram For Free [Tested & Proven Tips]


Day by day people are becoming more like and follower centric on Instagram. Everyone wants a handsome amount of likes in a short span of time. Here, we come up with proven tips to get more Instagram likes in a few hours.

According to Google, there are 1.4Billion active Instagram users, who post, like, comment, and follow each other on daily basis. According to one report on user psychology, people feel more confident when they get more likes in a short time on their Instagram posts. If you are having less number of followers and still want millions of likes then you can get them with our tips.

Tips To Get More Likes On Instagram

Take inspiration from grown pages

When looking at a competitor's posts on Instagram, consider what they are doing well and try to replicate that in your own posts. Also, take note of any negative comments and try to avoid making similar mistakes. By analyzing your competitors you can get thousands of ideas for new content. For example, if your competitor is posting related to nature photographs then you can analyze tier content and can post and add nature photography hashtags in your description.

Use trending hashtags

Always use trending Instagram hashtags in your post description to get higher reach, eventually more likes and followers. Search Trending Instagram hashtags on google and find hashtags related to your niche and use it in your post. For example, if you are a traveler then you can use #travel or #travelblogging

Tag relevant accounts

Tagging someone in your post can boost your reach. If you are posting a group selfie then you should tag all the persons who are in the post. By doing so they will mansion you in their story and you can reach more people and can gain more Instagram likes.

Add post location

Adding post location can be so much beneficial. Let me tell you a simple example, suppose you click the picture at Miami Beach, then you should definitely add that location to your post. If you do so you can reach out to 107k people who are following that location. Amazing right? Let me know in the comment, which location you added in your last Instagram post.

Add effective caption

Never forget to write about your post in your caption. If you describe your picture in your caption, Instagram’s algorithm will read the caption and share your post accordingly. So, if you are traveling to Paris then you should mention that in your description so that you can reach a more targeted audience.

Use all Instagram features

Always link your Instagram, For instance, if you are posting a new picture then do not forget to share it in your story. If you do so, you can reach every single active follower, which can help you to get more likes on your Instagram post. In addition, share your new post with all your close friends and your common friend to get instant likes.

Follow trends

Nowadays anything can be in trend, if you are willing to get viral on Instagram then you should always follow new trends on Instagram. Produce content related to those trends and use trending hashtags related to that trend and see the magic.

Bright Photos

Don't over-edit the photo, make it realistic and bright so that it can catch the user’s attention and force them to like your post. According to some proven sources, bright images directly trigger the user’s mindset and force them to give complete attention.


How do you increase the number of likes on Instagram? 

There is no surefire way to increase the number of likes on Instagram, but some things that may help include using hashtags, tagging other users, and posting interesting and engaging content.

Why am I suddenly getting less number of likes on Instagram posts? 

There could be a number of reasons why you are suddenly getting fewer likes on Instagram. It could be that you have changed your content strategy and are posting less interesting content, or that you have been shadowbanned by Instagram and your posts are not being shown to as many people. It could also be that one of your competitors has started using a tool to get more likes on their posts, which is taking away from your own engagement. Whatever the reason, it is important to analyze your content and make sure that you are posting high-quality content that will interest your audience.

Should I purchase likes on Instagram?

The ideal answer would be No, you should focus on organic growth rather than purchasing likes from sources. Some people argue that purchasing likes can help increase your reach and engagement, while others argue that it is a waste of money. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and whether you think it is worth the investment.

Why is my post not getting likes?

There could be many reasons why your post is not receiving likes. It could be that your post is not interesting or relevant to your audience, or it could be that your audience is not engaged with your content. If you're not sure why your post is not receiving likes, you can try asking your audience directly for feedback.

Can Instagram detect fake likes? 

Yes, Instagram can detect fake likes. If you get caught using fake likes, your account will be subject to disciplinary action from Instagram. 

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